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D4.1 Initial curriculum for digital curators

The DigCurV Curriculum Framework, a major output of the DigCurV project, defines training needs, supports the evaluation of existing training opportunities and identifies keyrequirements for digital curation vocational training in the cultural heritage sector. ThisFramework informs curriculum creation for courses at all levels and of varying durations. While providing explicit guidance, the Framework is designed to be used even by those without specialised domain knowledge.DigCurV has developed three distinct lenses or views on the Framework to enhance usability. Each of these lenses corresponds to a different group of staff in curation activities: practitioner, manager, and executive. Each of the three lenses reflects the unique perspective of the particular staff group, and presents in a cogent manner the skills,knowledge, and competences that enable professional success. By linking attributes to one of three broad staff groups, the Framework allows for the development of curricula targeted for each audience.