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D6.2 Report on the context of the DigCurV curriculum framework

This report presents an overview of current or recently completed initiatives to create, structure, or help foster curricula for the on-going vocational training of information professionals. Not intended to be comprehensive or address any particular project in depth, its purpose is to illustrate the current state of vocational training in order to provide direction to the implementation of DigCurV’s curriculum framework. The initiatives examined include the Digital Curation Centre, DaMSSI (Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative), DigCCurr (Carolina Digital Curation Curriculum Project), Closing the Digital Curation Gap, Digital Curation Exchange, International Digital Curation Education Action (IDEA) Working Group, Digital Preservation Coalition, Digital Preservation Training Programme, the Library of Congress’ Digital Preservation Outreach and Education, the Society of American Archivists’ Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certification and nestor, the German competence network.

A final section of the report provides recommendations for the implementation of the framework.