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Data Preservation for Historians

University of London
Learning Objectives
1. Introduction
Help you develop a clear understanding of what research data can consist of.
We also explain the need to consider preservation.
2. Why consider digital preservation?
By the end of this module you should understand the benefits of preserving research data as well as understand the most pressing reasons to consider preservation. We will encourage you to think about the impact of the loss of your data in terms of time, money and reputation. In this module we teach the risks associated with digital material and why preservation is an essential aspect of research data management. We will also explain why the human factor is so important when it comes to managing your own data. In this module we will argue why you should actively consider preserving your digital research data to ensure access to the data over time and thus enable sharing and contribution to the body of research.
3. Making preservation practical
The aim of this module is not to make you into a digital preservation expert, but rather to help you to put your research data into a fit state for preservation. The course teaches:
How to create data documentation
How to create metadata (descriptive information) about your research data
Some simple technical interventions to keep your research data safe
How to store research data safely
If you find you can do even just one of the things in this module, you will feel more secure about the longevity of your research data. You will also be doing a huge favour to the digital archivists of the future.
This module suggests practical steps which can be taken to ensure your research data can achieve longevity. The course covers data documentation, the creation of metadata, some simple technical interventions you can perform yourself, and options for safe storage.
4. Access and sharing
By end of this module you should understand why you should think about managing access to your research and consider IPR issues which may affect your research data. We also introduce you to access to information legislation and how it may affect you. At the end we provide a summary of easily implementable solutions. This module looks at various access issues which affect your research data in relation to preservation. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what it is you are allowed to do with the research you have gathered in order to be able to successfully share it.
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If you are about to start a research project whether that be a PhD, MA, collaborative project, or individual project you will need to consider matters regarding data preservation. This does not just include statistics but a variety of research outputs. Check out our new training modules to help you undertake good practise in data preservation.

1. Based on DPOE audience levels.

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