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MSc/PGDip Digital Curation (full time)

Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University, Wales.

United Kingdom

Learning Objectives
Year 1 Core (100 Credits) The following modules are core and must be taken

Semester 1
Archives Collection Development And Description ILM1900

Digital Information: Management For Access And Preservation ILM7400

Knowledge And Information Architecture ILM8620

Information Systems In Organisations ILM9020

Semester 2
Records And Information Governance ILM0820

Archives Collection Development And Description ILM1920

Digital Information: Management For Access And Preservation ILM7420

Year 1 Options You must select one module from the following

Semester 1
Information Assurance ILM3320

Information And Society ILM5120

Studies In Management ILM5220

Compliance , Law And Ethics ILM8520

Semester 2
Information Systems Analysis And Implementation ILM0320

Publishing And The Web:exploring New Technologies ILM0520

Information Organisation And Retrieval ILM5320
Training Fee
Target Audience1
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01 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 14

The Masters in Digital Curation is designed to train you in the enhanced skills required for collecting and curating electronic information and preparing it for use by individuals and organisations. This Masters in Digital Curation will train you in the complexities of digital asset management. You will master the policies, procedures and governance required to ensure the integrity of digital material over time, and you will graduate with the skills and experience to handle information for any size of organisation, be it national, governmental or international.

In addition to subject-specific instruction, you will also be trained in mediation so that you can manage the dialogue between stakeholders in the new digital information ecology. You will also be equipped with conventional skills in archive administration and in the scientific processes of information curation. This unique combination of disciplines and skills will prepare you for managerial and strategic roles in both academic and professional contexts. In addition to subject-specific skills and knowledge, you will have the opportunity to undertake personal development and develop a set of widely-applicable professional skills to help you in any workplace – information-related or otherwise. On completion of this course your general employability will be greatly enhanced to give you the best possible chance of successful entry into your chosen career path.

One year full-time. The academic year (September to September) is divided into three semesters: September to January; January to June; June to September.

The taught part of the course (Part 1) is delivered and assessed through lectures, student seminars, practical exercises, case studies, course work and formal examinations. Successful completion allows the award of a Diploma. The subsequent successful submission of your dissertation (Part 2) leads to the award of a Masters.

Entry Requirements:
A 2:1 or above Undergraduate degree (or its equivalent) in a relevant discipline plus a minimum of 6 weeks work experience in an information resource environment.

Candidates with equivalent experience and qualifications will be considered.

English Language Requirements:
If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a UK University, you do not need to take an English proficiency test.

Non-native English speakers who do not meet this requirement must take a University-recognised test of academic English language proficiency. For further information please see our English Language requirements page.

This Masters in Digital Curation is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the professional ethics, laws, principles, policies and design principles which underpin the discipline. You will go beyond this to interrogate the structures and systems that define the information continuum in order to find more efficient and productive ways of operating. The world-class instruction from our departmental staff will be augmented by visiting professionals from cutting-edge organisations.

By the end of your course of study, you will be able to demonstrate a mastery of the technological processes for information governance and digital preservation. You will achieve this by applying your specialist skills to real real-life situations throughout the course and, by making the most of this experiential learning, you will graduate with valuable hands-on experience of this increasingly important subject. Your study will culminate in a significant piece of independent research and your academic dissertation on an aspect of digital curation that holds particular interest for you. You may choose to use this study as a showcase of your expertise or as a springboard into future study or research.

In addition to this first-rate training in digital curation, you will also nurture a skill set perfect for almost any role in any business or postgraduate workplace. You will be confident in research, analysis and planning, as well as writing, reporting and argument formation to justify your decisons in managing an organisation's most precious commodity: information. These are just some of the skills you will gain which will make you a desirable employee for a wide range of public and private sector organisations and businesses.

1. Based on DPOE audience levels.

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