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Preserving Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC)
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United Kingdom

Learning Objectives
Participants at this workshop will:

Have an advanced introduction to issues of preserving CAD
Be updated on the latest developments in standards for preservation of CAD
Hear case studies that put the standards into practice and the issues that have resulted
Have an opportunity to discuss their own concerns with developers behind the standards and practitioners already working with them
Examine the place and value of CAD collections within wider digital collections management
Be encouraged to contribute to the development of standards and tools
Meet others preserving or considering the preservation of CAD within their own preservation architectures
Training Fee
Target Audience1
Executive , Managerial , Practical
Contact E-Mail
26 Jul 2013 10:00am - 04:30pm

Computer-aided design tools are widely used to assist engineers, architects, designers and cartographers to develop, represent, capture and transmit large and complex representations of the world – real and imagined. Diverse in application, a great deal of vital, valuable and irreplaceable information is stored in CAD models, from the designs of aircraft carriers and skyscrapers to records of archaeological excavations. It also means that CAD is an area of constant innovation and intense competition between vendors, resulting in CAD systems that are ephemeral and largely incompatible with each other. It is the disconnect between these two – the value of the models and the ephemeral nature of the systems – that makes CAD preservation at once important and challenging.

The Digital Preservation Coalition first addressed this topic in July 2010, inviting expert practitioners to share their concerns and aspirations for long term management of CAD systems at an invitation Briefing Day called ‘Designed to Last’. Since then we have commissioned Alex Ball of DCC – one of the keynote speakers - to provide a Technology Watch Report that distils and updates latest thinking on the topic.

This DPC briefing day anticipates the launch of that report, and will allow participants to reflect on new and emerging challenges. Leaders in the field will be invited to foreground their own work and their practical concerns about preservation. Recent case studies will be presented and speakers will be invited to consider emerging and future trends. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own needs and an extended discussion will follow.

Who should come?

This meeting will be of interest to:

Records managers and information officers in organisation in sectors where CAD is used
Regulators in sectors where CAD is widely used such as engineering, aviation
Risk managers, executives and chief information officers seeking to minimise information risk or maximise information potential
Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists in all institutions
Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation
Innovators and researchers in information technology, especially with vector graphics and documentation
Vendors and providers of services for preservation, records management and forensics
Innovators, vendors and commentators on digital preservation and cognate fields
Analysts seeking to develop tools and approaches for longer term information management

1. Based on DPOE audience levels.

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