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DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE)

DigitalPreservationEurope is a project which building on the earlier successful work of ERPANET, facilitates pooling of the complementary expertise that exists across the academic research, cultural, public administration and industry sectors in Europe. It fosters collaboration and synergies between many existing national and international initiatives across the European Research Area.


CASPAR - Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval - was an Integrated Project in the field of digital preservation which developed a number of training and other resources.


PLANETS - Preservation and Long-term Access through Networked Services - was a four-year project to address core digital preservation challenges which developed training materials and other resources.


PrestoPRIME is a project which is researching and developing solutions to the long term preservation of digital audiovisual media, establishing tools and services, training and materials.


WePreserve is the window on the joint activities of DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE), Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval (CASPAR), and Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services (PLANETS).

Training Opportunities

DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE)

Some registries are available from the Digital Preservation Europe (DPE) project which ended in 2009.  These include:


Gateway to international digital preservation resources is a useful source of information:

The Library of Congress

Calender of digital preservation courses provides an online listing of courses in the USA:

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