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First steps towards digital preservation

Cologne, Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8.


Learning Objectives
The workshop will have a strong focus on organizational rather than technical issues and will include the following topics:

-What is digital preservation and why do we need it?
-The OAIS reference model
-Acquisition policies and selection criteria
-Licensing research data for preservation and re-use
-Communicating with user communities
-Trusted digital repositories.
Training Fee
Academic/non-profit rate: 90 EUR, Student rate: 60 EUR, Commercial rate: 180 EUR.
Target Audience1
Managerial , Practical
Contact E-Mail
23 Ott 2013 01:00pm - 25 Ott 2013 01:00pm

The workshop is intended as a primer in digital preservation. It introduces central concepts of digital preservation, providing participants with a common terminology to understand an (idealized) preservation and dissemination workflow.

Participants will be encouraged to explore their and their organization’s (actual or envisaged) role in digital preservation and challenges they are currently facing. They will also be introduced to tools and instruments (e.g. for the purpose of self-auditing) which can support the process of shaping a reliable digital preservation service.

Archivists, repository staff, research data center staff, anyone responsible for (planning) the curation and preservation of digital assets. This course is for you

if you work in an organization or project planning to set up an archive or repository for digital preservation, orif your organization already has established a repository or archive but has not systematically considered aspects of digital preservation. Learning objectives gain an understanding of central concepts of digital preservation, as well as their practical application in the context of running an archive or repositorybecome familiar with the digital preservation workflowunderstand how the selection/acquisition process but also the targeted user communities shape the preservation of digital assetsgain awareness of challenges in digital preservation and ways of addressing them. Requirements

The course requires no previous experience in digital preservation. Good command of English required.

1. Based on DPOE audience levels.

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